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We believe that within every individual there lies a unique sense of style. People often get too caught up in trends and what others are wearing and forget to stay true to what makes them feel comfortable, beautiful and confident. It is essential to get to know what your true style is. When you look in the mirror it is so important to connect with the image before you. The StyleDuo believes in love at first sight when it comes to your wardrobe. For example, when you are trying on clothes; if you don't feel the chemistry or fashion connection immediately, you most likely never will! Don't force it. Go with your instincts but don't be afraid to think outside the box.

We created The StyleDuo as a resource to help people maximize their existing wardrobes and avoid wasting time and money on unnecessary purchases. Our connections to vendors, boutiques and luxury department stores will help you with the following:

1. The ability to "pull" clothes and accessory options and bring them to you at home or at the office. Keep what you like and we will return what you don't. We can even bring clothes that need to be altered to the tailor. Save time and shop smart!

2. Use comfortable suites/dressing rooms while shopping. We have access to all books and catalogues with current and pre season orders.

3. Discounts to many local boutiques, showrooms, up and coming designers, etc.

Full Services
  • Free Image Consultation
  • Personal Shopping/Styling
  • Closet Makeover
  • Packing for Travel
  • Print Styling
  • Fashion Shows
  • Corporate Seminars/Events
  • Fashion & Style Parties

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Mindy and Paula

Style is knowing who you are, what you want to say, and not giving a damn - Gore Vidal

Mindy and Paula

With a client at the Rebecca Taylor Fashion Show - Fashion Week NYC, September 2011