So it’s been awhile since we’ve written our last Sunday blog.  And quite honestly, as much as we always love to write, share and post…we have been so busy that we’ve given ourselves Sunday nights off.  But tonight we decided for old times sake to to put the pedal to the metal (or fingers to the keyboard) and write a fun blog.  We are calling it Styling 101.
People interested in careers in fashion often ask us what it is really like to be stylists.  Is it glamorous?  Do we ever get to keep the clothes? etc etc We totally get it.  We also had a lot of questions about this business when we first started.  There are so many things we have learned ourselves along the way since launching The Style Duo almost 4 years ago after leaving our personal shopping jobs at Neiman Marcus.  So here are some fashion tips for you so you too can have a better insight into the day in the life of a stylist.
Rule #1
As a stylist make sure to advise your clients to think for themselves with you as their guide.  When there are too many cooks in the kitchen it’s hard for the client to ever decide which dress or outfit is perfect for them.  If you need to ask your mother, sister, aunt Tilly and your second cousin twice removed..why bother hiring a stylist?!
Rule #2
When in doubt, wear white.  We have said it before and we’ll say it again…the girl in white always gets noticed.  Fresh and crisp, white is feminine, daring and makes a statement.  And don’t worry if it’s after Labor Day, which leads us to our next rule…
Rule # 3
The most important rule in fashion as far as we are concerned is that there really ARE NO RULES!  Fashion is meant to be adventurous, risky and fun. So take chances, try new trends, break old habits and become the true fashionista you’ve always wanted to be.
Rule #4
Yes!  Fashion shows, parties and photoshoots can be very glamorous but behind the scenes can also be anything but! Being a good stylist means mastering the art of schlepping!  We always say thank goodness there are two of us.  The more help schlepping the better.  This means carrying racks, armfuls of clothes, bags of shoes, piles of handbags and tons of jewelry.  But on the plus side, your arm muscles will never look so good!
Rule #5
Have a sense of humor.  At the end of the day you have to realize finding the perfect dress is not going to end world hunger.  And making a fashion faux pas is par for the course.  Again have fun and never take fashion too seriously!


Those who know us know that we are fashion obsessed, Mahj Jongg fanatics, and hypochondriacs! And those who REALLY REALLY know us also know that we are campers at heart! So this time of year, whether we are going to camp or not we get a little twinge of excitement knowing our kids and others are enjoying days at camp. We LOVED growing up with a Dad who has always been (and still is) in the camping industry! We loved spending our days playing sports, doing crafts and special events, all while wearing a camp t-shirt and shorts! That’s right folks, no Chanel bags, no high heeled wedges and no floral maxi dresses. We, THE STYLE DUO loved every minute just throwing on a simple camp shirt and cut off jean shorts!

BUT the amazing thing is we and YOU can learn a lot about style from being at camp. They may not be Hermes cuffs but a cluster of lanyard and macrame bracelets can be cute, colorful and stylish. And if you get crafty you can cut fringes on your camp shirt, bead them and be a stylish bohemian! Tie dying tanks are a must and colorful laces spice up any pair of sneakers! And beauty! We learned more about hair and makeup at camp than any fashion show or runway! Get a group of 15 girls together all summer and you will learn the art of french braids, messy buns, waterproof mascara and tattoo art!

Even though our camp days are behind us, every now and again we throw on a tee and jean shorts for nostalgia’s sake. And then we go shopping at Jimmy Choo!



Summer is in the air. The smell of suntan lotion and bbq’s are everywhere. So now we want to ask you..Who is the girl YOU want to be this summer? Many people say when they go away on vacation they feel like they can reinvent themselves for a few days. They wear different clothes than they normally wear, and try out brand new hairstyles. Well summer is the season you can and should reinvent yourselves too. Think of it as a 3 month vacation! There is a more carefree mentality as long weekends are spent at the beaches, poolsides and parties. So how are you going to reinvent yourself this summer?

Here are some tips…

1.Wear more and more WHITE! Be the girl in the white dress, white jumpsuit, or white bikini. You will get noticed every time!

2. Try a new hairstyle. This summer we suggest you go middle part if you usually do a side sweep. Or maybe bangs if you haven’t tried them in years. And watch how a small change can make people do a double take. Because change is refreshing!

3. Invest in great summer hats. Who wants to waste time doing their hair everyday? As our kids ALWAYS remind us, being too fancy in the summer prohibits you from having fun! So throw on a cute hat and have a blast. Put on a baseball cap and go to a baseball game. Wear a big beach hat and hit the nearest beach. And don’t forget to invest in some good hair ties, tie your hair in cute braids and jump in the pool with your kiddos! This summer let’s try and be the girl who is not too put together!

4. Invest in a fabulous sundress in a breathtaking color. Maxi, mini or midi! Your choice! But save up for one special one that will knock the socks off any date! Be the girl who is confident and sexy!

5. And finally be the girl who is comfortable in her own skin. Stop staring at the girl on the beach with great abs thinking you wish you looked more like her, because she is probably looking at you thinking she wishes she had your thighs! No one is perfect! Flaunt your most favorite features and see yourself as the fabulous girl you are!

Be the girl in the cute hat!

Be the girl in the breathtaking maxi dress!

Be the sporty girl in a white bikini!

And always be the girl in the white jumpsuit!



Unofficial Summer Styles

Brigitte Bardot had all eyes on her in summer whites!

It’s unofficially official!  Summer fun has begun with all the bbqs, pool parties, and beach getaways happening this past weekend. And we are thrilled to unofficially welcome back summer! Just like with an old friend, we open our arms to our fave season and all the fun it brings. And of course, most of all, the fabulous fashions that it requires! So if you are an old school fashionista, now would be the ideal time to bring out your wonderful white wardrobe that you had hidden away since September. But if you are a more modern fashionista, you have been wearing the “right” white all year. But wherever you fall, one thing is for sure. It’s official that the girl in white always gets noticed!

Crochet Maxi Cover up by Milly

Young Fabulous and Broke White Jumpsuit

MICHAEL Michael Kors one shoulder swimsuit

Eileen Fisher Shirt Dress

T-bags dress

Tory Burch White Tunic


It’s time to break out the real warm weather duds because next week is Memorial Day! Temps are rising and we all could not be happier. Pools and beaches are opening and everyone is gearing up their grills for parties and fun bbq’s! But with all the crazy cold weather we had this winter, it’s hard to get into warm weather mode. Are you all finding it as hard as we are to embrace sandals, jean shorts and sundresses? Well here are a few HOT options for you all to try next weekend and get you ready for Summer. Time flies so fast in this time of year, so don’t waste a single minute. Grab your maxis and flip flops and have a stylish Memorial Day, as we head into SUMMER!!!

LoveShackFancy coverup maxi. Great for he beach, a bbq or pool party!

Rompers are always a cute alternative to a dress in the warm weather. Love this one by BCBG!

Rachel Zoe makes dressing in warm weather look so COOL! Rachel Zoe caftan!

Lilly Pulitzer makes such fun and comfy clothes for summery days. Love this colorful tunic and white shorts ensemble.



So who doesn’t love a good deal? Is there anything more satisfying than finding a hot pair of designer shoes at half the price? Or finding a remarkable knockoff of a “break the bank” bag at a fraction of the price? Well fashionistas across America proved the power of a sale this past weekend when Lilly Pulitzer launched a collection at Target at amazing prices! And from the looks of it, the clothes look like the real deal. Of course if you didn’t act fast enough, you were out of luck. Savvy shoppers stormed Targets everywhere and stayed glued to their computers as they scooped up dress after dress, deal after deal.
So take a look at some of these great items, and an almost identical buy at a bargain price. Because a splurge is great BUT a sale is better!


Manolo Blahnik Fringe Shoes for a whopping $795!

Steve Madden Knockoffs, $129.95!

The real deal Lilly Pulitzer shift dress, $178.

Lilly Pulitzer for Target, $38!!!!

A Valentino rockstud tote. A true splurge at $2,495.

Nine West made a version at $79!





So just this past weekend, it was a very exciting time in Southern California. People from all over converged for a fun and fabulous music & arts festival called Coachella. And although we’ve never been, we can’t help but yearn to experience this fabulous outdoor concert, a modern-day Woodstock. But gorgeous weather, fabulous music, and fun socializing aside, the thing that attracts us the most is the Bohemian fashions we see people sporting at the event. Maxi dresses, crocheted tops with short cut off shorts, bikini tops and flowy skirts, fringed vests, perfectly tousled locks, and layered boho jewelry are all we need to make us want to book a ticket to next year’s Coachella. In the meantime, we will be sporting our own chic boho looks and casual cool fashions this summer and we encourage you all to do the same! Embrace your inner Cali girl with fabulous fashions like these…


Prepping For Prom 80′s Style!

Whether you are a teenager or you have a teenager, this time of year is a lot of fun. Prepping for prom is a milestone to be celebrated and for the young ladies there is nothing more fun than picking out a prom dress! After all, this is one of the first occasions where a girl can truly feel like a princess! And this year’s prom dress selection does not disappoint. Beautiful pastel colors, two-piece versions, lots of white, and glittery gowns are just some of the trends that young fashionistas will get to choose from. Here are some beautiful options. We wish all the kids a super stylish prom season!

Two Piece Gown by Xscape

Mellow yellow gown by ERIN-Erin Fetherston

Morgan & Co. dress in ivory & ilusion

Glittery gown by Hailey Logan

Xscape stunner in sky blue & gold

Prepping for Prom 2015 in Sherri Hill embellished crop tops and ball skirts!

Feel like a princess in Jovani!


Ok, so Mother Nature really threw us for a loop last Friday in our neck of the woods! Instead of having a gorgeous first day of Spring, we were blanketed with snow and forced to pull out those down coats and snow boots yet once again. And what a bummer! We had just put them away hoping to start wearing all of our new spring looks. With so many unbelievable trends this year, Mother Nature better start changing her tune so we have lots of time to wear each one. Take a look at some of our faves from all the hot Spring trends out there.

1. Whites! All whites! From bright whites to cream and everything in between!
2. The New Boho trend- where gypsy girl meets jet set lady. The more romantic side of the style in silhouettes appropriate for eveningwear.
3. Marsala- the new color of the year as announced by Pantone. Marsala is an earthy wine red color, very rich and seductive.
4. Sleeveless jackets- the new layering piece. Very versatile, with an effortless vibe.
5. The wide brimmed fedora- a fresh take on the classic hat.
6. Fringe- on bags, shoes, and clothing. Fun and flirty.
7. The bucket bag- chic and practical. A roomy bag shaped like a bucket, with a drawstring closure.
8. Denim – on all the runways, shown in new and refreshed silhouettes. Many designers are even showing embellished denim for lots of fun and drama.
9. Two piece eveningwear- a crop top and long skirts are all the rage for formal affairs and the upcoming prom season.
10. Block heels- designers are emphasizing comfort and ease while still looking chic with these chucky heels.

Wishing you all a sunshiney, snow-free Spring!!!!



With spring just a week away, we couldn’t be more excited to embrace this fabulous season! And we are even more excited about the beautiful trends in fashion that are hitting all the stores. But nothing is as exciting as spring SHOES!! It is finally time to pack away the snow boots and get ready for some of the hottest shoe trends we have seen in a long time! FRINGE, FLATS, SPORTY SANDALS, MULES & BLOCK HEELS are just a few of the amazing styles that are in store for shoes. As stylists, we always advise our clients to save a little extra for a fabulous spring shoe that will truly put a spring in your step. Because let’s face it there is a little Carrie Bradshaw in all of us! Here are some new shoes we have our eyes on…

Fringe Stuart Weitzman shoes

Gorgeous Gucci flats

Valentino block heel stunners!

Vince Mules

Ivy Kirzhner Sporty Sandals!