So here’s the scene. It is in the wee hours of the morning the day after Thanksgiving. The temperature is barely above freezing and it is still pitch dark outside. Millions of people all over are waiting in lines, sitting in traffic, and being shoved left and right, trying not to get trampled on. Men and women, boys and girls, and even babies are crowding the stores in hopes of getting a huge deal on anything possible. Anything! Toys, gadgets, household items, TV’s, and of course fabulous fashions. But guess which two characters are missing from this scene? Yup that’s right! We here at The Style Duo are cuddled under our warm blankets, sleeping in really late, savoring the moments of our long holiday weekend with family and friends. Now as you know, no one loves to shop more than us. And no one gets a bigger thrill from a great sale more than us. But seriously, this Black Friday hoopla is so ridiculous. As any smart and savvy shopper knows, there are so many better ways and days to take advantage of fabulous deals and steals. Here are some tips to stay on top of the sales ALL year long.

1. Form relationships with the salespeople at your favorite stores. Have them email you about upcoming sales.

2. Open up credit cards at your fave department stores. You will receive coupons and discounts all year long.

3. Buy classic pieces at the end of each season and save for the following year.

4. Instead of shopping on the holiday sale dates wait until a few days afterwards. Be patient, you will actually get a better deal.

5. Find out about presales. Some stores will hold merchandise, let you give your credit card information beforehand, ring it up on the day of the sale and then mail it to you so you can avoid the crazy crowds on the sale days.

6. Take advantage of online sales from the comfort of your own house on Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

— Here’s to a Happy Holiday Shopping Season from The Style Duo!!!!

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