So tonight is the night a lot of girls have been waiting for. It is the night The Bachelor’s Special Edition, “The Countdown to Juan Pablo” airs. This is a behind the scenes look at Juan Pablo’s life as a single father and the casting process that went into finding him a potential wife! And tomorrow night he will start his quest to find true love as 25 women arrive in limos to meet the man that has America swooning. This handsome Venezuelan won viewers hearts instead of Desiree’s last season of The Bachelorette. But this time around he is in the driver’s seat as 25 lucky ladies get their shot to make a love connection. So in honor of all the single ladies out there, we decided this week’s blog should be about how to make a great first impression! Whether you are stepping into a bar or out of a limo, a first impression can mean EVERYTHING in affairs of the heart. So how can a girl put her best and most confident foot forward?


We often hear about the “Lady in Red” but what about the “Lady in White”? We are not talking about arriving on your date in a white wedding dress like Lindsay did in Sean Lowe’s Season of The Bachelor. And we are not talking frills, bows or eyelet. We are talking about a silky white blouse tucked into fabulous jeans or a sheath dress that shows off every curve. We think that a girl who wears white (in any season) looks confident and stylish and stands out in a more subtle way than the girl in red! Save the red for a later hot date!

PS And if you spill something on your whites; smile and go with the flow. Show him you have a fun and easygoing attitude!!

Emily Maynard in a stunning white jumpsuit, as she catches every bachelor’s attention!

Ashley Hebert winning JP’s heart in a casual white top and jeans combo.

Lindsay going too far in wedding white!


Listen ladies, here is the deal. Whether we like it or not, guys like our hair down. Long and flowy is a fave. Save the fancy curly updos for proms, and if you find yourself auditioning for a Soap Opera. If you are not doing either of those things, leave the rollers and pins alone!

Brad Womack mesmerized by Chantal’s natural and silky brunette locks.

Ditch the “prom” hair!


Guys might think they like the sultry look of their date with red lips; but there is nothing messier than a good night kiss and red lipstick! In the end they are thankful when a girl sticks to a light gloss (possibly flavored!) to keep thing pretty and sexy and neat! Our faves are Chanel Glossimers and Lancome Juicy Tubes for shimmery shine and kissable lips!

Glossy, sexy and kissable lips on Ashley!

Too much lipstick!

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