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Botox, fillers, chemical peels….Nowadays these are as commonplace as manis & pedis.  We know many that indulge in these anti-aging beauty tricks and while some look nice and rejuvenated, others take it too far!  We’ve all seen the over 50 year old celebrity staring at us on movie screens with that lifeless but wrinkle-less face as if they were 25.

We here at The Style Duo have been hesitant to partake in any of these treatments and here is the reason why…FEAR!  We are scared of looking too stiff and emotionless, fearful of any screw up that can happen from poking large needles into your face and terrified of any bad side effects!  Who knows what is in those things and if they can truly harm you more than help you. So we have relied on expensive face creams, makeup and foggy mirrors to help us feel young and beautiful.  Our minds were made up to never give in until…we met Dr Rabkin.

An old camp friend of ours told us about Esthetica MD in Englewood, the first and only cosmetic medicine and aesthetic practice and facial spa in Bergen County.  She talked about the founder and Medical Director of Esthetica MD, the renowned Dr. Rabkin.  Did he have a magic wand?  Could he guarantee no wrinkles and no pain?  We were skeptical and hesitant.  But with a little persuasion we agreed to meet with him and here is how it went.

The minute we walked into Esthetica MD we knew we weren’t in just any old doctor’s office.   In fact it felt like PARADISE.  We were greeted with modern décor, delicious aromas, and a friendly and beautiful staff.  (all with fabulous skin!)  We forgot that we just walked in from the busy streets of Englewood into this tranquil haven.  We waited a few minutes for Dr. Rabkin and when he came to greet us he was warm and friendly.  And then we whipped out our long list of grueling questions.  “How do you know it won’t look too overdone?’ we asked.  “Does Botox cause deadly diseases?’  “Will we have long lasting results?” Etc Etc.  Dr. Rabkin answered every question with clarity and confidence and immediately put our minds at ease.  He explained that his goal has always been to give women (men too!) a natural and more youthful appearance through these anti-aging procedures.  He talked a lot about balance, proportion and natural attractiveness and even got permission from one of his patients there to show us her before & after pictures.  Wow!  What a difference fillers can make and most importantly so natural and not overdone.

And the icing on the cake was when Dr. Rabkin talked about his non-surgical face lift based on the predictable patterns seen with facial aging. This man was every woman’s dream!  Now as we said earlier Botox, fillers, peels are everywhere but the important thing we learned is to find a doctor you trust.  For us this means, a person who often believes LESS IS MORE!  And Dr. Rabkin fills this bill completely!  He even talked about turning away patients when they wanted to do more procedures than he felt was necessary to give them a beautiful but natural appearance.  We loved that!

The bottom line is we all want to look our best and hold onto a youthful glow as long as we can.  In addition to Dr. Rabkin’s cosmetic medicine services, Esthetica MD has great aesthetic services like brow shaping and makeup application.  And though there isn’t a magic potion to make us look exactly as we did when we were in our 20’s, we believe working with someone like Dr. Rabkin comes as close to visiting the Fountain of Youth as one can get!

Dr. Rabkin of Esthetica MD.

Esthetica MD is located at 12 East Palisade Avenue, Englewood.  201-816-8106

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