Confidence Never Goes Out Of Style!

We here at The Style Duo have often said how confidence is key when talking about beauty and style. And this week one of our fave stylish celebs, Jessica Alba, proved that to be true while suffering a Marilyn Monroe-like wardrobe malfunction outside a Whole Foods store in NYC.

Jessica. dressed in a gorgeous high waisted plum colored skirt, black bustier, and tailored blazer stepped onto a subway grate and suddenly her flouncy skirt flew up from the air blowing from down below. Jessica acted calmly while trying to hold down her skirt and flashed a big confident smile at the papparrazzi eagerly trying to catch this moment on camera.

Now we have all been in uncomfortable situations like this before, although not necessarily having our blowing skirt expose our undies or (gasp) no undies at all! Maybe we spilled red white on our white dress or had a pimple pop up right on our nose before a big hot date. And we could have crawled under a rock in embarrassment or smiled like Jessica did showing the world how confident we were no matter what. And though not always easy to do, the latter is definitely the more appealing and beautiful choice. So whenever you find yourself in an awkward situation, remember to do like Marilyn or Jessica and own the moment with grace and confidence. Because after all …Beauty is being comfortable in your own skin. That or a kick-ass red lipstick!

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