Halloween is just a few days away and the energy in all the costume stores, and in all the supermarket candy aisles is as awesome as ever!  There is something so amazing about how this holiday turns us all into little kids.  Candy, costumes, parties and more!  What could be better? Whether you are a girl who always dreamed of being a Knick City Dancer, a lady who rides the trapeze or a Hollywood star this is the day to play dress up and make your fantasies come true even if just for a few hours.
     But here is a thought…what if the Halloween spirit lasted all year long?  What if you got to “dress up” everyday as the person/thing you always wanted to be?  Ok, we are not suggesting you show up at work next week as Hello Kitty but think about the qualities you’d like to possess everyday in your fantasy world.  For example if you always dreamed of being a professional ice-skater, why not dress in bolder colors?  Add shorter skirts with tights to your wardrobe and sign up for a skating lesson or two!  It’s never to late to learn.
     Or maybe your favorite costume growing up always involved a Disney princess.  You can feel like Cinderella everyday by wearing clothes that make you feel beautiful and investing in shoes that make you want to dance the night away.  Think about the little things that make you smile like big bows, red lipstick, sequins, polka dots or feathers and incorporate them into your wardrobes so they don’t feel costumey but instead chic and glamorous.
     Don’t save fakes lashes and fur boas for just one day a year.  Live glamorously all year long!
Check out some of Hollywood’s finest in full on Halloween 2014 looks!

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