Milan Fashion Week and A Tribute To Moms!

So an early Mother’s Day present and tribute took place in Milan today.  Dolce & Gabbana presented their Fall 2015 collection for Fashion week, with mothers to new babies, toddlers and those expecting rocking the runway.  
Drawings by the children of Dolce employees were printed on to silk. Embroidered messages, appliqued red roses and pretty jewels were on full display. The collection was a true celebration of family! 
We too, have always felt that having a beautiful and stylish Mom taught us how to be stylish ourselves.  We remember going into our Mom’s closet as little girls and marveling over her trendy clothes, designer handbags and her beautiful jewelry.  She always took the time to do her hair perfectly and loved to wear high heels for all occasions. She taught us to be devoted moms while still taking the time to treat ourselves to new shoes, bright lipstick and the perfect pair of jeans. 
There is something so wonderful about being a modern, multi-tasking mom!  We can have a job, take care of a family, stay fit and healthy…all while looking fabulous!   

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