With the summer temperatures rising and the popularity of The Sexy “50 Shades of Grey” books sweeping the nation; it is time for us girls to reevaluate our sleepwear. Out with the boring and in with the sexy!! But do we have to sacrifice comfort for beauty? The answer is no.

We all see pics in catalogues and in glossy magazines of young, skinny, gorgeous models wearing lacy, crocheted, sequinned get-ups. Or should we call them contraptions? They might look spectacular in magazines but in real life, it is just not worth the pain and discomfort. So this summer we suggest you find your inner sex goddess just like Anastasia in 50 Shades and wear a sexy “boyfriend shirt” to bed. You will feel cozy, desirable and incredibly sexy. And we bet your very own Christian Grey will love every single inch of you!

This one by Frederick's of Hollywood is super sexy and cut for a woman's shape. You cannot beat the 14.99 sale price. Buy one in every color!!

Victoria Secret says "Steal his style in the bedroom" with this sexy version for $49.50.

On trend with all the floral prints we are seeing this season is this floral sleepshirt. Super comfy and flirty. And on sale at Nordstroms for $38!

For the lady looking for "the finer things in life" choose this Nancy Meyer sleepshirt from her St Tropez Collection. The softness of premium fabrics and the beauty of exquisite detailing make it worth the $145 splurge.

These are all great options to be sexy and practical when it is time to hit the sheets.

Sweet dreams!

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