We have always loved hosting fabulous parties and events. Even as little girls, we would play dress up and pretend to host fancy balls. Today, as The Style Duo, we tend to host many style soirees where we combine our favorite things…family, friends, fashion and food! We believe a hostess should always dress the part and wear a special outfit for their special occasion.

The spotlight is always on the hostess so it is a good time to break out that stunning new dress or anything else that makes a statement. Just be careful not to overdo it and make your guests feel inappropriately dressed compared to you. Also, since pictures are usually taken at parties, make sure you look your best since those pictures could easily end up online or on someone’s Facebook wall for all the world to view.

We believe a true sense of style is key to looking great but NOTHING compares to confidence when it’s time to shine. If you get that special glow from a really great mani or pedi go for it. Some ladies say a facial makes them feel really pretty. Or maybe it’s a really great night sleep or sharing a laugh with the girls.

This summer we hosted a few fashion girls night out parties and had a great time planning the events as well as figuring out what outfits to wear. Take a look at some of our pictures. And see, they did end up online!

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