There have been so many controversies and many political debates over who is the best choice for President this year. And while we normally keep our own political views to ourselves, we felt we could talk openly about the women behind the men, Michelle and Ann, and their fashion choices without causing any arguments from our readers. This is because both women have clearly already won the style race for the 2012 Election.

Both ladies are classy and polished in their wardrobe choices. However, they are not afraid to embrace the color trend of the moment and wow a crowd. For example, at the Republican National Convention Ann Romney looked absolutely stunning in a red Oscar De La Renta dress with a jeweled belt.
And at the Democratic National Convention Michele had everyone talking about her gorgeous pink/grey toile custom Tracy Reese frock.

Ann and Michelle have both donned bright yellow sheaths, bold blue dresses and matching pink ensembles.

Each of them knows how to pull off a polished conservative ensemble as well as a relaxed casual look and still look appropriate and fabulous. They each have an unbelievable sense of style and know how to rock their best assets. Of course, Michelle, famous for her toned biceps, is not afraid to wear sleeveless sheath dresses.

Ann, famous for her sunny blonde looks, knows how that can complement and brighten her fashion choices.

Best of all, both ladies, no matter what they are wearing, know that a confident smile is the best accessory of all.

On a separate note: We hope all our friends and followers are safe and getting back to normalcy after this horrible hurricane. We wanted to remind everyone that NOTHING is more STYLISH than giving back to your community. Call your nearest American Red Cross or check your local papers and websites for drop off locations for food, clothing and other important items. Many people are in need right now and a little help goes a long way!

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