With the busy traveling season about to hit, fashionistas everywhere are busy scoping out the new trends in resort wear and buying fun holiday ensembles for their winter get-a-ways. But besides figuring out what great clothes to pack, we have many clients asking us to help with stylish ensembles to keep them looking and feeling fresh after many hours of traveling. We look to our favorite celebrities who are used to lives on the go to get some fabulous Duo ideas and some definite Don’ts!

Dressing in comfy but flattering clothes for long travels is a duo! Add one special accessory and you are ready for take-off.

But TOO comfy clothes + unflattering trends = a messy DON'T!

Dressing in lady-like fashions can be very sexy in airports. Invest in good quality luggage and totes. So chic!

Do yourself and your fellow passengers a favor and save your daisy dukes for the beach! These shorts look sloppy and would not be comfortable on a long flight!!

Polished from head to toe. And layers are a DUO when traveling.

As Dr. Seuss would say...."Do not wear this on a plane. Do not wear this on a train. Do not wear this in a car. Do not wear this near or far. Do not wear this here or there. Do NOT wear this anywhere!"

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