We at The Style Duo often preach how confidence is the best style choice one can make! But after this Thursday we may have changed our minds. While confidence can make a girl look her best, we now realize the best style choice is charitable style. And that means giving back to a good cause, a family in need, a town devasted by a hurricane, etc. There has been alot of tragedy recently in the news and we are so humbled hearing about our friends forming groups to help those who are suffering. We can’t tell you how many of our facebook friends and close pals are doing their best to devote their time and money to those who really need the help. We at The Style Duo say that you all are “DUO’s” for reaching out and doing your part.

This week we were asked to help style a fashion show for a wonderful cause, The Epilepsy Foundation of NJ. The event was called “I Love Lulu” and we had beautiful mommies and teens model fun clothes from the boutique Femebot in Ridgewood NJ. Many local business took part in the event and it was great to see how people could come together for a common goal. The night was fun, fashionable and fulfilling! And we were so glad to be a part of it. Check out the pics with the link below and remember to get out there and do some good. You will feel more beautiful than ever!

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