Ok, so some of our clients have been telling us that they are having a hard time embracing the color trend this season. Well how can we blame them? It is still freezing outside and Mother Nature seems to be forgetting it is March and technically Spring! We are still going to urge you all to try adding color to your wardrobes, but if for the moment you are more comfortable in neutrals, blacks and grays then why not try colorizing your accessories?

It has never been easier to find gorgeous bags in bold hues, jewel-toned necklaces, pastel shoes and colorful scarves. If you are feeling the March 2013 blahs, just walk into the accessories department of any department store and you will be transported to a sunnier, Springier place. Here are some of our top, hot picks to keep things bright!

Christin Louboutin Pump in canary yellow $845 Bergdorf Goodman

Faux Emerald Earrings $150 at Jennifer Miller

Diane von Furstenberg Fire Flower Hanover Scarf $195, Bergdorf Goodman

Stella McCartney Falabella Faux-Leather Fold-Over Clutch Bag, Amaryllis $875 Bergdorf Goodman

Michael Kors Bib Status Bib Necklace $250 Neiman Marcus

Ippolita lapis Teardrop Earrings $595 Neiman Marcus

Alexis Bittar New Wave Gold Chrysoprase Stacked Ring, $245 Bloomingdales

Gucci Soho lilac leather disco bag $895

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