“Hide Your Flaws and Feel Fabulous!”

We loved watching our segment on Dr. Steve WPIX-11 tonight.

But for those who missed it here are some tips on “How to Dress to Hide Your Flaws and Feel Fabulous!”

1. Use color to draw the eyes away from problem areas. For example if you don’t love your hips, thighs or legs, wear a blazer in a bright color so your eyes go to your upper body and not your lower half.

2. Accessorize! Dazzle with chunky jewelry and colorful scarves. And no one will notice your chunky calves!

3. Flabby arms? Embrace the cold-shoulder trend! Dresses and tops with cut out shoulders show a little skin without showing too much arm. It will look flattering and sexy.

4. Invest in a nice, comfortable wedge. Even ladies who cannot wear high heels love the wedge because they feel more balanced and supported. Try ones with an ankle strap. Petite and tall ladies all look great walking in a wedge!

5. Buy clothes that accentuate the positive and camouflage the parts of your body you aren’t as thrilled with. But most of all, remember no one is perfect! And with the right attitude and smile, you can always look AMAZING!

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