Once upon a time there were identical twin sisters who studied hard and did very well in their high school classes. They loved learning Spanish, challenging themselves in Math and learning about history in Social Studies. But most of all they loved reading great literature like The Great Gatsby in English class!

Well who can blame these fair-haired sisters who were always obsessed with all things glamourous? The Great Gatsby opened up their imaginations to styles and glamour of an era past. The elaborate parties depicted in the book were thrilling to read about and made the young sisters dream of chic outfits they would wear to such parties.

Fast-foward 30 years and here we are watching The Great Gatsby brought to beautiful life on the big screen starring Leonardo DiCaprio and Carey Mulligan. Now the reviews may have only been mediocre, but no one can deny that the gorgeous styles aren’t to die for! So why not embrace your inner Gatsby-girl and dress like some of the greatest literary characters of all time!!

Sue Wong Feather Flapper Cocktail Dress

Nina Ricci Lace and Fringe Tierred Dress

Fuschia Flapper Dress by edressme

Aidan Mattox drop waist 20′s inspired dress

Asos hairband

Rachel Zoe art deco earrings

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