Duos and Don’ts by M & P

So it is not exactly June 21st yet BUT as far as we are concerned  it  is  “Summertime, Summertime, Sum, Sum, Summertime!!”  And nothing says summer better than an easy breezy maxi dress.  If you haven’t embraced the maxi yet, we implore you to do just that right now.  It doesn’t matter what body type you have, you are going to thank us later.  We say the shorter you are the longer the maxi but throw on a really cool, super high wedge.  If you are one of those lucky tall ladies (we certainly are not!) than keep yours a little shorter and wear with a metallic flat sandal or jeweled flip flop.  Color is everywhere this season, so why not find the pastel or corally hue that makes you glow.  Of course, a simple black or white maxi always looks chic paired with funky and chunky jewelry.  If you are feeling extra trendy this month opt for a patterned or floral creation.  And if you aren’t convinced just yet, check out some bargain ones that you can invest in while not breaking the bank….just yet!  Once you realize how comfortable and sexy these maxis make you feel, you very well might be tempted to go for the splurge! 

Duos and Don’ts (you’ve heard of dos and don’ts) Here at TheStyleDuo, we have Duos and Don’ts.  Take a look…..

Duo and A Major Don’t!

This nude Rachel Zoe Collection maxi dress looks so fresh and springy paired with coral nails and a super high wedge.  We are really digging the edgy sheered bottom.  Top it with a super cute snakeskin clutch like Jamie here and you are ready for a night on the town.

Stay away from maxis that are too over the top and won’t really fit into your daily life.  Not sure if this tie-dyed number is meant to be sexy or not.  Beautiful girl, but the dress, shoes, and bag are all wrong!

Duo and Dont

Although we love the color of Nina’s breezy AG Goldschmied maxi (right), we are not enthralled by the overbearing brown belt.   In this case, we prefer the accessories to remain everywhere BUT on the dress.  Love the necklace and edgey leaf earrings but she should’ve left the dress alone to flow free. (like the racerback AG Goldschmied dress on the model on the left)  Simple perfection.

Duo and Don’t  Jennifer Lawrence

This white crocheted Candela dress is our fave maxi dress of all.  She gets an A+ in style here.  Not sure why she is carrying two bags but love them both! Perfect shoes, bun, aviators, jeweled flat.  Love it, love her!

A little disappointed with the black maxi.  Yes, her figure is flawless but the dress is still too clingy for our taste.  And the length seems a little short, especially with those ballet flats.  Love the bag though (and the bun).  Something about a maxi and a messy bun.  Makes your inner bohemian really shine through!

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