The New Vanilla

So anyone who knows us, knows how much we love the summertime. The season evokes such special feelings and memories of our childhood….unforgettable times at camp, wild weekends down at the shore, the smell of ban de soleil , and the yummy sensation of sand beneath our toes and even in our hair. Ahhh-BLISS! And who could forget those night time runs to Dairy Queen for their pure , simple, soft serve vanilla custard- so magically delicious by itself or wonderfully indulgent with a sprinkling of colored jimmies or a bright red cherry.

Now let’s take these thoughts of ice cream and relate it to summertime fashion. Just like licking that vanilla custard, we always felt it was such a treat to slip into white summertime clothes. Bright white Gauze sundresses, peasant skirts, short shorts and flip flops were an instant pick me up. The whiter the better!!! And this was especially exciting because back in those days our fashion rules limited us to wearing white for only three months a year. Paired with a golden tan, nothing made us glow as much on the outside as well as on the inside than our white summer wardrobe. Of course, our rules have changed and we wear white right through the winter(assuming the fabric and style is appropriate) but the easy breezy white clothing of summer is our favorite!

White worn alone is simple and pure. But add a pop of color with shoes , jewelry or a bag, and just like with those good old colored jimmies, you are in for a real WOW!


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P.S. FASHION TIP: Always carry a couple of baby wipes with you when you are donning a white ensemble. Throw a few in a plastic baggie and leave in your purse. It will come in handy if you spill or slip. They work like magic!

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