So without revealing our exact ages (ladies never tell!), we would like
to share with all of you some memories of fashions from our past. And
if you are able to figure out by the clothing which decades we lived
through, well then you are probably our age too!

So we feel it is important to bring up style nostalgia because we can
learn from our mistakes! But we can also learn from the styles we got
right! More often than not, old trends become new trends and they come
BACK in bigger and better ways (except for E.G.s!) You remember those
right? Those crazy chunky socks that were scrunched down for effect and
worn with Keds! Were we kidding? Who thought of that fashion blunder?
They looked ridiculous and the socks always got so stretched out and
looked messy and unfeminine. But we didn’t care because they were big
and cozy. And they matched our BIG hair and BIG champion sweatshirts!!
Thank goodness we haven’t seen those resurface. E.G’s belong in the

But remember how lace became so popular in the 80′s when Madonna came
onto the scene? We would not leave our house without our lace hair-ties
worn as a head-band Madonna style! Well it’s 30 years later and Madonna
is still going strong (and dating a boy toy half her age!) and lace has
made a huge comeback; on shoes, dresses and even jeans.

Another trend we can’t believe we are sporting again is the cowboy boot. We
thought our Billy Martins were ancient history. Then all of a sudden we saw
a Kardashian or Simpson sister wearing cute new versions and suddenly the cowboy boot
craze is back! Wear them with a little dress or skirt for a more up to date look. Frye and
Steve Madden have cute options. And whatever you do, DO NOT wear them tucked under jeans! So 1988!

Going back even further, we remember wearing metallic knickers to every
Bar and Bat Mitzvah we attended. We felt so grown up and on trend.
Just like a true disco queen! Well welcome back silver,gold and pewter.
But this time around we add rose gold! We are loving the new trend of
mixing these metals with jewelry and accessories. A day doesn’t go by where we aren’t
sporting different shades of shiny jewelry; real, fashion and costume!
Mix, match and sparkle!!

And welcome back Doc Martens! Although we are surprised these guys came
back in style so quickly from the mid nineteen nineties. But here they
are as large and clumsy as ever. We did however, learn our lesson from
last time and aren’t pairing them with baby doll dresses. Grunge is so
end of the century! This time around we are seeing them with jeans and
blazers; a look that is a little more balanced and polished!

Speaking of the 90′s, how could we forget the fashions from good ol’
“Beverly Hills 90210″? We worshiped Kelly Taylor and Donna Martin like
they were the world’s greatest style icons. We rocked those crop tops
and bared our belly buttons just to look like a true West Beverly Hills
gal. So here we are in 2013, and we are seeing midriff baring looks all
over the runways. But sorry Brenda Walsh, no belly buttons this time!
Thankfully, the fashions are showing just a peek of skin, leaving more
to the imagination. Much classier and modern!

We remember living in corduroys as kids! Sasson and Gloria Vanderbilt were our faves
and we wore them with huge “Good and Plenty” combs sticking out of our back
pockets! Fast forward MANY years later, Gap has a beautiful selection of
cords this Fall in a variety of colors. This time around we are seeing
a more modern skinny version and no combs allowed!

And Chanel’s new glossimer lipgloss gives our old #44 flea market lipgloss
from 1984 a run for it’s money! You see what goes around comes BACK
around in style!

Except for E.G.s!

Lace then…

Lace now!

Crop top then…

Crop top now!

Doc Martins then…

Doc martins now!

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