Is it Summer? Or is it Fall? Should you wear sandals or boots; sweaters or tank tops? Can you still wear white or it that a fashion faux pas? Well technically it is Fall but you would hardly know it by the 70 degree weather we’ve been having. And the weatherman has predicted 80 degrees for this week! Therefore, we know how very tricky it can be when getting dressed in the beginning of Autumn. Of course you are dying to wear all your new chunky knits and designer boots. But you also don’t want to be sweating and uncomfortable all day. And it’s every fashionista’s nightmare to be a fashion don’t!! So here are some “DUO” and “DON’T’” tips from The Style Duo on what to wear and not to wear right now.

DUO: Peep toe booties is a must have for early Fall! Pair them with a blazer and skirt (without tights) and you will look cool and stay cool!

DON’T: While fur trimmed boots are chic, they look out of place in September and October when the temps are still high. Save them for later!

Fur vests are an early Autumn “DUO’ when paired with a short sleeved top.

Sorry Rhianna but this look is a DON’T! A thick fur vest + a leather jacket = a bulky mess!

A light tweed blazer and jeans is a DUO for Fall! Wear it over a lightweight tee or tank.

As much as you might be excited for crisper weather, turtlenecks and heavier coats are usually a DON’T this early in the season.

Who says you can’t wear white after Labor Day? Not us! We are loving this look! White jeans with a cozy cardigan and sexy camisole is an October DUO!

DON’T pair a white tee with a white jean and call it an outfit until after Memorial Day!

Shorts are still a DUO when they are leather and paired with a classy blazer and pumps.

But leather from head to toe is just too hot so just DON’T!

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