Is fashion an art? That question has been debated for years and years and we here at The Style Duo say absolutely yes! It is quite obvious that we are obsessed with fashion, but you probably didn’t know that we are also very into art and the history of it all. The only class we remember anything from during our college days at Tufts (sad but true) is Art History 101. We learned to admire the works of many artists, in the same way that we admire fashion designers. So what happens when you mix art and fashion? This year, we are being treated to something new and fabulous… the artistic print trend!  We are totally loving the styles that are popping up in the stores that have gorgeous artistic prints on them. Like a beautiful painting in a museum, these clothes evoke different moods and feelings. We encourage all our fashionistas to embrace this trend and just like a great masterpiece, you too will be admired!

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