Nowadays a gal aims to be a stylish mom and “A GOOD WIFE”!

Growing up in the ‘70s and the ‘80s, we here at The Style Duo, were big fans of many of the sitcoms that ruled TV land back then. It was before reality shows took over and housewives and pregnant teens reigned supreme on the tube. And little fashionistas like ourselves, got inspired by the styles of the TV moms that dressed in ways so representative of their times. We can remember being in awe of the crazy wild tops and bell bottoms that Carol Brady (from The Brady Bunch) wore. And we were so impressed yet intimidated by the professional and heavily shoulder padded suits donned by Angela Bower (Who’s The Boss). Today, even though sitcoms are a fading phenomenon, shows like Modern Family and The Good Wife have mommy characters with fashion appeal. From soccer mom garbs to office chic attire, TV mom styles still run the gamut and we love to try to emulate many of their awesome looks. Of course, there are some that we try hard to forget! Check out our BEST and WORST LIST of TV mom styles.

Mrs. Brady embraced the 70′s fashions like no other! Groovy!
Angela Bower proved “Who’s The Boss’ in the 80′s with powerful shoulder pads and a perfectly coiffed hairdo!
A perfectly prim, 90′s style mom!  Sorry Mrs. Walsh but the high waisted trousers have got to go!


A chic and fitted coral sweater is perfect for a “Modern” mom!




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