At the Billboard Awards this weekend there were a lot of style DOs (or DUOS as we like to call them) and a lot of DON’TS! Check out these pics and let us know your thoughts..


A simple but sexy LBD on Jordin Sparks is a DUO!

Carrie always has such great style, so one DON’T here and there is ok. This look is too overpowering, tacky and just wrong for her!

Kendall and Kylie were both DUOS last night. In just the right amount of sexy ensembles, they stunned on the red carpet!


Iggy Azalea’s red gown was a DON’t but JLo’s was a bit simpler which made it a DUO!


Sorry Shania Twain, it’s almost June! This gown looks way too wintery! DON’T!

Liz Hernandez looks cute, fresh and Summery in this great shorts ensemble “DUO”.



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