So we have been saying it all year but in case you didn’t listen, now is officially time to wear white. And if you know us at all then you know how much we love rocking the white trend with a little self tanner and bold gold accessories. Now while we encourage our clients and friends to embrace white all year long, we do have one rule about when NOT to wear white. No, it is not after Labor Day and before Memorial Day ladies, it is when you are a guest at a wedding. This is the only time we say wearing white is a NoNo. This is the time for the bride to shine alone in white. And this year, the wide array of gorgeous wedding gowns they are showing for brides are simply stunning. The trend is a little more simplistic than in previous years but nonetheless fabulous and gorgeous. Sexy backs and streamlined silhouettes are very hot right now. As well as gowns with a fresh, and romantic vibe paired with a bold headpiece. And speaking of wedding gowns, WHOA BABY! Did ya check out Kim Kardashian’s gown this past weekend? More gorgeous than her last wedding gown and probably ten times as much with an estimated price tag of….. $500,000 DOLLARS!!!! Her Givenchy Haute Couture gown did not disappoint all her loyal fans who were waiting with baited breath for a glimpse of the reality star as if she were the Princess of Wales. So like we always say wearing white is always a “DO” except when it’s someone else’s time to say “I DO”!!!

Kim Kardashian as Kanye’s bride!


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