Summer is in the air. The smell of suntan lotion and bbq’s are everywhere. So now we want to ask you..Who is the girl YOU want to be this summer? Many people say when they go away on vacation they feel like they can reinvent themselves for a few days. They wear different clothes than they normally wear, and try out brand new hairstyles. Well summer is the season you can and should reinvent yourselves too. Think of it as a 3 month vacation! There is a more carefree mentality as long weekends are spent at the beaches, poolsides and parties. So how are you going to reinvent yourself this summer?

Here are some tips…

1.Wear more and more WHITE! Be the girl in the white dress, white jumpsuit, or white bikini. You will get noticed every time!

2. Try a new hairstyle. This summer we suggest you go middle part if you usually do a side sweep. Or maybe bangs if you haven’t tried them in years. And watch how a small change can make people do a double take. Because change is refreshing!

3. Invest in great summer hats. Who wants to waste time doing their hair everyday? As our kids ALWAYS remind us, being too fancy in the summer prohibits you from having fun! So throw on a cute hat and have a blast. Put on a baseball cap and go to a baseball game. Wear a big beach hat and hit the nearest beach. And don’t forget to invest in some good hair ties, tie your hair in cute braids and jump in the pool with your kiddos! This summer let’s try and be the girl who is not too put together!

4. Invest in a fabulous sundress in a breathtaking color. Maxi, mini or midi! Your choice! But save up for one special one that will knock the socks off any date! Be the girl who is confident and sexy!

5. And finally be the girl who is comfortable in her own skin. Stop staring at the girl on the beach with great abs thinking you wish you looked more like her, because she is probably looking at you thinking she wishes she had your thighs! No one is perfect! Flaunt your most favorite features and see yourself as the fabulous girl you are!

Be the girl in the cute hat!

Be the girl in the breathtaking maxi dress!

Be the sporty girl in a white bikini!

And always be the girl in the white jumpsuit!



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