Those who know us know that we are fashion obsessed, Mahj Jongg fanatics, and hypochondriacs! And those who REALLY REALLY know us also know that we are campers at heart! So this time of year, whether we are going to camp or not we get a little twinge of excitement knowing our kids and others are enjoying days at camp. We LOVED growing up with a Dad who has always been (and still is) in the camping industry! We loved spending our days playing sports, doing crafts and special events, all while wearing a camp t-shirt and shorts! That’s right folks, no Chanel bags, no high heeled wedges and no floral maxi dresses. We, THE STYLE DUO loved every minute just throwing on a simple camp shirt and cut off jean shorts!

BUT the amazing thing is we and YOU can learn a lot about style from being at camp. They may not be Hermes cuffs but a cluster of lanyard and macrame bracelets can be cute, colorful and stylish. And if you get crafty you can cut fringes on your camp shirt, bead them and be a stylish bohemian! Tie dying tanks are a must and colorful laces spice up any pair of sneakers! And beauty! We learned more about hair and makeup at camp than any fashion show or runway! Get a group of 15 girls together all summer and you will learn the art of french braids, messy buns, waterproof mascara and tattoo art!

Even though our camp days are behind us, every now and again we throw on a tee and jean shorts for nostalgia’s sake. And then we go shopping at Jimmy Choo!

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