“Chic or Treat”

With Halloween just around the corner, many of us are throwing or getting invited to costume bashes. Now we all love a good old dress up party, where we can be a little wild and silly but sometimes costumes can be costly to buy or rent. And seriously ladies, aren’t we getting a little tired of showing up as the sexy pirate, slutty police woman or trampy referee?? With a little creativity and a stop in your own closet, you too can save money and be “Chic or Treat” this year!

THE STYLE DUO believes that you can find money-saving costumes in your very own closet. You can finally re-invent those dresses you never thought you’d wear again!! Here are some fabulous (and some stylishly spooky) options:

1. Remember those bridesmaid dresses you saved collecting dust in the back of your closet? Why not add a sash and a crown and go as Miss America??

2. Or wear a gown you already own (and probably never have a chance to wear), throw on some big dark shades and grab a gold trophy from your kids room and voila, you are a starlet at the Emmys!!

3. If you want to go a little spookier, wear a gown (preferably red) and cover your face and neck with red halloween makeup. You are now Carrie from the 1970′s horror film!

4. And what a great time to re-wear your wedding dress. Have your hubby wear his tuxedo and you are a bride and groom.

5. Or wear the wedding dress but cover yourself with spooky makeup, tease and spray your hair and you are the Bride of Frankenstein!

6. Wear a strapless gown with a sexy sweetheart neckline (preferably red) and add a long cigarette holder, fake long lashes and old hollywood curls and you are Jessica Rabbit!

7. If you own a white halter dress, you can be Marilyn Monroe in minutes. Just add a fake beauty mark, tight curls and alot of red lipstick.

Here at THE STYLE DUO, we always love to look fabulously fashionable but also try to maximize what we have in our own wardrobes. And Halloween is no exception!

Starlet with her Emmy

Miss America costume

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