With our sandals, halters, and bikinis put away and Fall in full gear, we have many of our clients asking us how they can dress sexy while staying weather appropriate. Of course, most people think dressing sexy requires showing lots of skin. But we all know that showing lots of skin and cooler temperatures don’t mix very well. We here at The Style Duo have some good ideas and fashion tips to help you look unbelievably hot without feeling unbelievably cold!

A great way to embrace sexy styles for Fall is to look for clothes with longer sleeves with cutouts in unusual places to show glimpses of skin. We absolutely love the very trendy cold shoulder tops that many designers are showing this season. Popping up as long sleeve tees, sweaters, and even button down shirts, we have already become major fans of this sexy silhouette. Also many designers are showing long sleeve tops with cutouts on the back or on the waist. Cut outs are even being shown on different styles of dresses. Paired with the right tights and edgy boots, this can be a great option for a Saturday night out on the town.

Another way to stay “hot” not cold is to wear certain fabrics and patterns to add sex appeal. By incorporating leopard prints, metallic sheens, leather and fur into your Fall wardrobe, you will surely be a fabulous fall fashionista.

Sexy for a night out or a first date!

Perfect for cool nights but sizzling hot!

How to make plaid sexy.

Wool, leather and leopard print. A scorching combination.

Leather and metallic. A perfect pair.

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