So a couple of weeks ago, was Sibling Day! And we loved seeing many of our stylish facebook friends post pics of themselves with their sisters and brothers. Some were funny, others were beautiful but all were very touching.

Now those of you who know us well know that we, The Shapiro Sisters, are the best of friends but can fight like only sisters can!! But what we always agree on is our passion for fashion. About one year ago, we looked at each other and said let’s do it. Let’s style the world! So we finished our work at Neiman Marcus (still our fave department store) and began our plans for “The Style Duo”!

We honestly never thought we’d have so much fun styling our friends, appearing on tv shows and just laughing in the dressing rooms with such wonderful people. We love the boutiques we work with, the talented designers we have met along the way and all our stylish clients who inspire us everyday. But most of all we love working together!

So in honor of sibling day, fashion and a little nostalgia here are some photos of the Shapiro Twins throughout the years. Some looks were fashion don’ts like those midriff tops we wore in the early 90′s (although we do have to say our abs weren’t bad!). And some styles were timeless like tube tops and jeans. Let’s hope our most stylish days are still ahead!

Pretty in Pink Gingham!

Stylish Mom with her girls! Disco era!

Prom in the 80′s = Puffy hair, headbands and tons of fun!

Influenced by Brenda, Donna and Kelly on Beverly Hills 90210!

Our signature wrap dresses! Always a “duo”!

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