Dear Jeremy & Jeff,

In honor of Father’s Day and to all the great men out there who are supportive of their fashionista wive’s spending habits; today’s blog is going to be about sticking to a budget!

While we are the first to say that shopping can be a fun sport, and dressing to the nines can be a mood enhancer, we like to promote living within your means. That is why we often talk about “shopping in your own closet’. It costs you nothing and inspires you to put together looks you were missing before. Another great way to stay within your own budget is to come up with a reasonable spending allowance and stick to it! Stores like TJ Maxx and Target make this easy by carrying beautiful clothing at affordable prices that can make you look top notch. And sometimes the challenge of putting together fabulous looks without going bankrupt can be the most fun!

We love a sale and often if you wait just a few extra weeks, those fabulous shoes you were eyeing at the department store will go down by 30% or more. Just be patient! Also, become friendly with the salesgirls and have them update you about upcoming sales and promotions! We also love shopping the outlets and Woodbury Commons right here in our area has the best stores ever! Our faves are Diane Von Furstenburg, Jimmy Choo and Tory Burch. So what if some of the items are from last season? They still look great and are totally budget friendly!

Online websites are also great when sticking to a financial plan. Baublebar.com is a great one for trendy and affordable jewelry and Bluefly.com is a site that we go to often for deals on clothes,bags and shoes.

So there you go Jeremy and Jeff! We hope you liked this week’s blog. Until next week when we write a piece about Chanel, diamonds and couture! UH OH!

Mindy & Paula

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