The Style Duo’s article in the July Issue of New City Magazine!


“Hair gets lighter. Skin gets darker. Water gets warmer. Drinks get colder. Music gets louder. Nights get longer. Life gets better.”

Yes, we are talking about good old Summertime here and who doesn’t love this season? Summer is what we wait for all year because it is so good for the mind, body and soul. So where is the first place the mind, body, and soul drag us to when the lazy hazy days of summer roll in? The beach of course! Now we all want to look good at the beach. Don’t we? We all want to be stylish and sensational but we don’t want to worry about spending too much. Right? So how can we look like a million bucks on the beach without breaking the bank? Ladies (and gents), we are here to tell you how you can put your best (bare) feet forward and look budget friendly fabulous on the beach.

Beachwear designers made a big splash last summer with the color trend. And once again, COLOR is back this season, even brighter, bolder, and better than ever! Inexpensive ways to add color to your ensemble is by finding the right accessories. Patterned scarves can be worn as sarongs and are an easy way to look totally fashionable on the beach. Check out your nearest JC Penney for a huge selection of lightweight, colorful scarves. Also, big, bold totes are all the rage this season. They can add a lot of drama and style without adding up too many dollar signs. Stores like The Gap and Old Navy are showing great floral, geometric and nautical versions.

Another way to accessorize in a cheap chic way is to layer lots of water friendly jewelry. Bracelets made with turquoise and coral look incredible in the warmer weather! Celebrities in every fashion magazine can be seen sporting this casual bohemian style trend. And don’t forget about finding a really great pair of comfy flip flops. Haviannas.com has an unbelievable selection starting at only $18. Black and white Haviannas go with every beachy look or opt for a really cool pair with an animal print or skull embellishment. They even have a whole category for men’s flip flops with just as many fun styles.

While adding bargain accessories is an easy way to look fabulous without breaking the bank, we have all seen designer swimsuits reach sky high prices. Upscale department stores have swimwear at prices in the hundreds and even thousands!!! However, true fashion followers know the secret places to buy really good affordable beachwear. Target is a great store for good quality, and on trend finds. Designers like Calypso are now creating less expensive lines for Target. And truthfully, you can barely tell the difference between their clothes at Target and their much more pricey line of beach wear only found at fancy boutiques. Whether you feel comfortable in one pieces, bikinis, monokinis, board-shorts, or speedos (not our favorite look), Target has the suit for you at the price you want.

And last, but not least, an easy way to look fabulous taking in the sun, is to slather on a really good self tanner with an SPF. Jergens Natural Glow for about $10 for a large tube gives you a nice summer tan without any harmful rays. A warm, rich, bronze glow and safe skin protection is an easy way to look and feel like a million bucks at the beach. Happy Stylish Summer to you!

Make-up Tips For The Beach

So you have the perfect swimsuit, sandals and tote but now you are wondering what make-up you should wear to the beach? You don’t want to have heavy foundation and eyeshadow melting off your face in the heat but you also don’t want to look pasty and pale in the bright sunlight. So what is a beach babe to do? Well the answer is to not pile on the make-up but wear just enough to make you look beach beautiful. Try a tinted moisterizer with built in sun protection. Many cosmetic companies offer sheer options that make you look luminous but very natural! Laura Mercier tinted moisturizer gives you that sun-kissed glow. Also, a little waterproof mascara goes a long way! Even drugstore brands like Maybelline and Covergirl work well. Swipe on a little lip balm with spf and you are ready to go!

What To Pack In Your Beach Tote

Getting ready to hit the sand and surf can be downright tiring especially if you are packing a beach bag full of beach toys, sun protection and other goodies for your whole family. Our advice is to keep it to a minimum. Sunblock is the most important item followed by a book and possibly a frisbee. Balls and larger toys should be carried by the child it belongs to or else it stays home! A change of clothes is always a good idea in case you want to go from the beach to a seaside dinner. Take a couple of plastic bags to store wet bathings suits. Do not bring makeup or food that melts in your bag or else you will be left with a messy situation. A comb & detangler are always useful for wind-blown tresses and blotting paper comes in handy as a skin refresher. And finally bring a sarong or coverup, a floppy beach hat and cool shades.

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