Are you tired of giving and receiving the most impersonal gift of all …the gift card? Whatever happened to special birthday gifts that required some thoughtful attention and personal touches? Since today is our (29th +) birthday here at The Style Duo, we have decided to dish out some ideas and tips to help you figure out nice stylish summertime gifts for a fashionable birthday girl.
Since it is really hard to pick out the right clothes for someone else, why not think about fun trendy accessories that the birthday girl would love but might not buy for herself. Since chunky colored bracelets are really IN this season why not buy one in a fun turquoise or coral and brighten her day? If you are really in the mood to splurge, a true fashionista would be super thankful for an Hermes chunky bangle either w a fun print or the classic H. Another good accessory for gift giving, now that the weather is hot , is a big beach tote. Bright florals, geometric prints and nautical versions are popping up on beaches everywhere. We love the super cute “Thursday Friday” totes that have a pic of your favorite expensive bag on a tote for a whole lot less!! Throw in a neon colored beach towel, INSTYLE magazine, a tube of suntan lotion, and large glamorous shades and you will be a Superhero of gift giving!.Or how about fun embellished flip flops? Tommy Bahama stores have awesome options that look pricey but are a bargain at $58. We are also loving heart pendant necklaces, lip gloss trios and Pucci scarves for amazing gift ideas this season.
We want to thank our family and friends for making our birthday really special with their warm wishes and stylish gifts. With love and kisses xoxo The Style Duo

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