So it’s been awhile since we’ve written our last Sunday blog.  And quite honestly, as much as we always love to write, share and post…we have been so busy that we’ve given ourselves Sunday nights off.  But tonight we decided for old times sake to to put the pedal to the metal (or fingers to the keyboard) and write a fun blog.  We are calling it Styling 101.
People interested in careers in fashion often ask us what it is really like to be stylists.  Is it glamorous?  Do we ever get to keep the clothes? etc etc We totally get it.  We also had a lot of questions about this business when we first started.  There are so many things we have learned ourselves along the way since launching The Style Duo almost 4 years ago after leaving our personal shopping jobs at Neiman Marcus.  So here are some fashion tips for you so you too can have a better insight into the day in the life of a stylist.
Rule #1
As a stylist make sure to advise your clients to think for themselves with you as their guide.  When there are too many cooks in the kitchen it’s hard for the client to ever decide which dress or outfit is perfect for them.  If you need to ask your mother, sister, aunt Tilly and your second cousin twice removed..why bother hiring a stylist?!
Rule #2
When in doubt, wear white.  We have said it before and we’ll say it again…the girl in white always gets noticed.  Fresh and crisp, white is feminine, daring and makes a statement.  And don’t worry if it’s after Labor Day, which leads us to our next rule…
Rule # 3
The most important rule in fashion as far as we are concerned is that there really ARE NO RULES!  Fashion is meant to be adventurous, risky and fun. So take chances, try new trends, break old habits and become the true fashionista you’ve always wanted to be.
Rule #4
Yes!  Fashion shows, parties and photoshoots can be very glamorous but behind the scenes can also be anything but! Being a good stylist means mastering the art of schlepping!  We always say thank goodness there are two of us.  The more help schlepping the better.  This means carrying racks, armfuls of clothes, bags of shoes, piles of handbags and tons of jewelry.  But on the plus side, your arm muscles will never look so good!
Rule #5
Have a sense of humor.  At the end of the day you have to realize finding the perfect dress is not going to end world hunger.  And making a fashion faux pas is par for the course.  Again have fun and never take fashion too seriously!