With 2013 almost behind us, we are so excited to ring in the new year! A new year of fashions, hairstyles, make-up trends, etc! It will be exciting to see celebrities in high style at the new award season coming up. And we look forward to the always fun and informative Mercedes Benz Fashion Week in February. Season to season we will try out new trends but keep the classics. We have alot of new stylish memories to make in 2014. So let’s take a nostalgic look at some top fashionable moments and some we’d rather forget from this year!














Call us crazy but to us there are three favorite things about taking a vacation. One is visiting sunny and exotic locales; two is spending quality time with our families away from computers and video games and three is… PACKING!

Yup! You read that right! Packing is fun for us! Which is why we love when clients asks us to help them get ready for a trip! Before we start packing we first get out our notepads and make an old fashioned list! We start this list a few weeks before the trip to get us in a holiday mood. When the list is complete we check it over and over. Making corrections and additions so that when the time is ready for the next step we are prepared.

We call the next step pre pack stack! Now is the time to take your list, go into your closets and drawers and lay things out in stacks. Find a spot in your house where your housekeeper, dog and kids won’t get in the way and start stacking. Again check it over and over each time you past by. Ask yourselves, “Did I forget my favorite sarong?” “Do I really need to bring two red maxi dresses?” By seeing it neatly layed out you will be able to make sure you are not overpacking or forgetting the essentials.

The last step is to neatly lay your stacks in your suitcase. Wrap silks and linens in plastic to avoid wrinkling and try rolling & stuffing socks, underwear,t’s and tanks in shoes, bags and small corners. This will make more room for bigger items. We also like to put our favorite garments near the top like a new bikini or colorful coverup. Seeing them in plain view gets us super excited for our trip!

Final packing words of advice: leave blowdryers at home. Most nice hotels offer them. Remember to pack a lightweight jacket or cardigan even for warm, sunny destinations. Air-conditioned restaurants are everywhere! And if your are traveling overseas don’t forget your passport!!


It’s that time of year when nothing seems better than being at home, with a fire roaring in the fireplace, a cup of coffee nearby while reading a juicy novel or watching your favorite tv show. But in this little cozy picture what are you fashionistas wearing? If you are anything like us, we always want to try and look cute and fashionable even if we are home alone or with our family. We are not talking spending tons of money on pajamas and lounge wear BUT why not always feel as good as you can even in the comfort of your own home? We don’t want to turn into slobs just because we are married with children. And we also don’t want to make excuses like, ‘”no one important is going to see us so no need to brush our hair” or “sweats with holes is fine”. It’s not fine!! Because guess who is going to see you? YOU! You are going to look in the mirror and see your own reflection. And trust us! You will enjoy your cozy time a whole lot more if you feel confident and beautiful! So the big question is…how do you keep the cute in cozy??

We struggle with this too! It’s hard looking cute when you want to stay comfy. For example we, like many other ladies don’t like to wear constricting undergarments when relaxing at home. That means our pretty padded bras and beloved Spanx are not coming out to play. So what lounge wear will still make our figures look fab without all the help from pads and tummy control?! We have found the perfect solutions.

Slouchy off the shoulder sweatshirts are sexy and make you feel like Jennifer Beals in Flashdance. HOT! Pair a cute one in your fave color with cotton shorts and you will look adorable while you relax!

Another great idea is to invest in a light-weight, comfortable robe. Throw this over thermals or cotton pajamas and you have a look that’s pulled together even in your own home.

If you are more a sweatsuity kinda gal, Juicy sweats are the way to go. Because ladies, Juicy Couture knows how to make a girls bottom look cutie patootie! There’s something about the pocket placement or snug terrycloth that makes you look like a lovely lounging lady.

Tanks with built in shelf bras are great for fashionistas who want to forgo their push-up bras but still want support. Victoria Secret has great and affordable options in a range of colors. Pair these under flannel pjs for an effortless, cozy & cute look!

COLOR is another great way to add to your relaxing mood. Lavender is such a soothing color and very feminine too! Try a cute and cozy nightgown in this shade and don’t forget to invest in soft, warm slippers.



So here’s the scene. It is in the wee hours of the morning the day after Thanksgiving. The temperature is barely above freezing and it is still pitch dark outside. Millions of people all over are waiting in lines, sitting in traffic, and being shoved left and right, trying not to get trampled on. Men and women, boys and girls, and even babies are crowding the stores in hopes of getting a huge deal on anything possible. Anything! Toys, gadgets, household items, TV’s, and of course fabulous fashions. But guess which two characters are missing from this scene? Yup that’s right! We here at The Style Duo are cuddled under our warm blankets, sleeping in really late, savoring the moments of our long holiday weekend with family and friends. Now as you know, no one loves to shop more than us. And no one gets a bigger thrill from a great sale more than us. But seriously, this Black Friday hoopla is so ridiculous. As any smart and savvy shopper knows, there are so many better ways and days to take advantage of fabulous deals and steals. Here are some tips to stay on top of the sales ALL year long.

1. Form relationships with the salespeople at your favorite stores. Have them email you about upcoming sales.

2. Open up credit cards at your fave department stores. You will receive coupons and discounts all year long.

3. Buy classic pieces at the end of each season and save for the following year.

4. Instead of shopping on the holiday sale dates wait until a few days afterwards. Be patient, you will actually get a better deal.

5. Find out about presales. Some stores will hold merchandise, let you give your credit card information beforehand, ring it up on the day of the sale and then mail it to you so you can avoid the crazy crowds on the sale days.

6. Take advantage of online sales from the comfort of your own house on Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

— Here’s to a Happy Holiday Shopping Season from The Style Duo!!!!