Summer Styles “Before and After”

We, here at The Style Duo, had the wonderful opportunity to have another featured article in The New City Magazine this month. However, this time we were able to put our English degrees from Tufts University to good use and actually write the fashion piece. We absolutely loved writing it but more importantly loved styling the model. We chose our stunning friend/client Sharon to demonstrate how you can go from bland to beautiful with some simple outfit ideas. In the article, we said that we believe less is not more. This summer, more is more, and an easy way to get noticed this fabulous time of year is with color. We suggested easy ways to incorporate color into a wardrobe, whether it is with the clothes or the accessories. We reminded our fashionista readers to be playful and to experiment as they liked. Check out our “Before” and “After” pics and let us know what you think.

Taking it up a notch with bold color and on trend accessories!



So a couple of weeks ago, was Sibling Day! And we loved seeing many of our stylish facebook friends post pics of themselves with their sisters and brothers. Some were funny, others were beautiful but all were very touching.

Now those of you who know us well know that we, The Shapiro Sisters, are the best of friends but can fight like only sisters can!! But what we always agree on is our passion for fashion. About one year ago, we looked at each other and said let’s do it. Let’s style the world! So we finished our work at Neiman Marcus (still our fave department store) and began our plans for “The Style Duo”!

We honestly never thought we’d have so much fun styling our friends, appearing on tv shows and just laughing in the dressing rooms with such wonderful people. We love the boutiques we work with, the talented designers we have met along the way and all our stylish clients who inspire us everyday. But most of all we love working together!

So in honor of sibling day, fashion and a little nostalgia here are some photos of the Shapiro Twins throughout the years. Some looks were fashion don’ts like those midriff tops we wore in the early 90′s (although we do have to say our abs weren’t bad!). And some styles were timeless like tube tops and jeans. Let’s hope our most stylish days are still ahead!

Pretty in Pink Gingham!

Stylish Mom with her girls! Disco era!

Prom in the 80′s = Puffy hair, headbands and tons of fun!

Influenced by Brenda, Donna and Kelly on Beverly Hills 90210!

Our signature wrap dresses! Always a “duo”!

PROM 2013!

It was 1986. Our hair was sprayed high and big. Real BIG! Our eyes were lined in fluorescent blue pencil and our bubble gum pink gowns were right on trend. And yes, it was the night we had waited for and dreamt about for years. It was PROM NIGHT!!!! Of course, it was fun to get picked up by our dapper dates, receive corsages, and ride in a white stretch limo, but seriously, the real excitement for us stemmed from surveying dress after dress of colorful silks and taffetas splashed across the dance floor. We still get a teenage kind of thrill when a young client comes to us in search of the ideal prom dress. While things have definitely changed since 1986, some classic styles are still around with an added modern flair. Here is a list of top trends for Prom 2013.

1. Metallic Gold or Silver short cocktail dresses
2. Ravishing Red floor length gowns
3. Bright white dresses
4. Gowns with long slits
5. Gowns with a hi/low asymmetrical hem
6. Sweetheart necklines-a classic, romantic silhouette that has been around for years. Very flattering!
7. Embellished prints
8. Sequined gowns
9. Bold bright colors! Young celebs on the red carpet were wearing bold yellows, oranges and blues this past award season and prom designers followed suit.
10. Dramatic platform shoes or booties to go with the dresses

Check out these hot numbers by Jovani…

Lady In Red!

Lace and fringe. So 2013!

Sweetheart, short and silver embellishments!

Stand out in bright & bold floral!

Cobalt blue stunner with thigh high slit.


Here at The Style Duo we often talk about steals vs. splurges and keeping things in good balance. Not every item in your ensemble needs to be high end and pricey for you to look like a million bucks. Knowing what to allow yourself to give in to and what you don’t need to indulge on is the trick of the trade in our world. We like to think we have mastered this technique and very often inexpensive clothes that we are wearing are mistaken for highly expensive designer versions. However, one thing we always like to splurge on is our handbag. Yes, there are fabulous knockoffs and replicas out there but it doesn’t feel quite right to us. Instead, we save and budget so we can treat ourselves to the real deal when the new Stella McCartney’s and Chanel’s land on the shelves. Maybe it stems from years ago when our mom brought home her first Louis Vuitton bag. The way it smelled, looked, and felt is still etched in our minds as if it were yesterday. And the thrill we got just watching our mom with her new purse was enough to have her little twin fashionistas eyeing handbags season after season to this very day. And this Spring is no exception. Take a look at this year’s fabulous styles and you too will be hooked!

Givency Nightingale Medium Sanzi Satchel Bag in Royal, $2020 at Bergdorf Goodman

Stella McCartney Baby Bella Faux Python Tote, $1435 at Neiman Marcus

Alexander Wang Diego Bucket Bag in Peroxide, $850 at Bergdorf Goodman

Balenciaga Classic City Bag in Tangerine, $1545 at Neiman Marcus

Gucci Craft Floral Canvas Tote, $950 at Neiman Marcus

Chloe Marcie Horseshoe Medium Hobo, $1695 at Bergdorf Goodman

Burberry Haymarket Check Mini Chain Crossbody Bag, $650 at Neiman Marcus

Valentino Rockstud Shooping Tote Bag, $1895 at Neiman Marcus