So those of you who know us well at The Style Duo know that the end of the summer makes us feel blue. We are and have always been summer girls. But this year we are excited to say that the end of summer and start of fall fashions is making us feel VERY BLUE!! That is because we are seeing blue in every gorgeous shade popping up in fall fashions. From exotic bags to faux fur to dressy dresses! And quite frankly we couldn’t be happier.

This happens every season. Just when we are pouting and stamping our tanned sandaled feet, insisting we are going to hold on to summer as long as we can and not even peak at the September issues of our fave magazines…..suddenly out of the corner of our eyes we see a glossy spread with the hot new fall bag. Or just as we are hitting the fabulous summer sale racks in our favorite department stores we can’t help but notice the rich, luxurious outfit adorning the mannequins. And sure enough it happened this August again. Maybe September isn’t so bad after all?

Thanks to the gorgeous blue fashions that are taking over this fall season…we are suddenly not feeling so blue!! From lapis, to cobalt to navy….this Fall, we are going to rock every shade of blue as if it is the new black. Here are some of our must haves. Let us know what you think!!

White Jeans After Labor Day, The Controversy and Debate

So summer is winding down and Labor Day weekend is right around the corner. With that comes family vacations, last summer bbqs, goodbye to summer camp and the ever popular question, “Do I pack away my white jeans until next summer or keep them around a little longer?” Most would answer hastily that wearing white after Labor Day is a “DON”T” Well guess what we here at the Style Duo say…”Wearing white after Labor Day is a major DUO!!” And here’s why…..

1. We believe in the unexpected when it comes to dressing. Let’s face it, go to a trendy restaurant in the middle of July and EVERY girl is wearing white jeans with a sexy top. But check out that restaurant in September….not a one is wearing white. This is the BEST time of year to style to your own beat. And this time don’t wear the usual slinky top; instead pair your white jeans with a colorful cardigan or maybe a silk top with a scarf and ankle boots. Edgy, chic and most importantly unexpected.

2. There are so many great white dress options that look chic and cool in the fall. Just buy them in a bit thicker and warmer fabrics. Tweed, heavier silks, and light cashmere are all great options.

3. White looks great with a tan but it also looks great with shiny fall hair and darker, autumnal makeup. We love the crimson lips they are showing this season and with white fashions, you will be beautiful and sexy, ala Marilyn Monroe!

4. Nothing says chic better than a white pant suit. This look is perfect for fall when you are still feeling easy breezy like summer but also feeling a little cool when the temperatures start to drop. Since you probably were too hot to wear yours in the summer, we say what are you waiting for? Get in that suit for fall and feel fabulous!

But don’t wear white sandals after the summer. Store those until next summer rolls around. This look will never cut it into the Fall. No exceptions to that rule!!

Rachel Zoe Pre-Fall 2012 Collection

Rachel Zoe Pre-Fall 2012 Collection

Michael Kors white coat

Michael Kors white coat

Celebrity's white suit trend can be worn well into the Fall

A Fall Trend Worth Trying: White Jeans & Gray Sweaters

Winter White

Winter White

Now, who says you can't wear white after Labor Day??


We have always loved hosting fabulous parties and events. Even as little girls, we would play dress up and pretend to host fancy balls. Today, as The Style Duo, we tend to host many style soirees where we combine our favorite things…family, friends, fashion and food! We believe a hostess should always dress the part and wear a special outfit for their special occasion.

The spotlight is always on the hostess so it is a good time to break out that stunning new dress or anything else that makes a statement. Just be careful not to overdo it and make your guests feel inappropriately dressed compared to you. Also, since pictures are usually taken at parties, make sure you look your best since those pictures could easily end up online or on someone’s Facebook wall for all the world to view.

We believe a true sense of style is key to looking great but NOTHING compares to confidence when it’s time to shine. If you get that special glow from a really great mani or pedi go for it. Some ladies say a facial makes them feel really pretty. Or maybe it’s a really great night sleep or sharing a laugh with the girls.

This summer we hosted a few fashion girls night out parties and had a great time planning the events as well as figuring out what outfits to wear. Take a look at some of our pictures. And see, they did end up online!


We here at The Style Duo love summertime and we never want to rush our time on the beach, bbqing with friends, and enjoying the lazy hazy days. BUT the end of the summer is not all bad. First of all, nothing is better than the September issues of our favorite magazines. They are always chockfull of gorgoeus fall fashions and that can be very exciting. But the best thing about the end of summer is that we, along with many others, take a nice long family vacation!

No matter where you go, or who you are traveling with we say celebrate the end of summer vacation in true style. Break out the cool clothes you weren’t brave enough to wear in July. Go to the stores and take advantage of the fabulous summer styles that are on sale. Show off that tan you’ve been working on and relax, enjoy and feel beautiful.

So now you’re really looking forward to your August vacay, but what to bring you might ask when you have so much to choose from? We suggest you pack well but “travel slim”. Here are some important tips from The Style Duo.

The key to “traveling slim” is packing versatile pieces that with the right accessories, can look perfect for various occasions. For example, a simple maxi dress can be worn as a beach cover-up, if worn with flip flops, a straw hat and a pretty tote.The same maxi can be worn for a night on the town , if worn with stylish wedges and a sequinned or lace shawl. Wear the same dress for a casual lunch date with a denim jacket, woven belt or colorful scarve.

A white blazer is another essential piece that can be worn with jeans, slacks, or a dress.

This Rachel Zoe blazer would look great over the maxi you are going to pack for your trip. And it will also keep you warm on cool beach nights and on airplanes!!

Also, take into consideration the fabric of your clothing when packing. Jersey materials travel well and remain mostly wrinkle free, while gauzy pieces are actually meant to be a little wrinkly! So both are wonderful options. Just remember when packing, take versatile clothes that can be dressed up or down with the right accessories.

And ladies,one very important tip, always leave just a little room in your suitcase for that little something special you just had to buy on your trip!