Okay ladies. If you are anything like us then your house right about now is in disarray , laundry up to the roof, piles of bikinis, maxis, and cover ups everywhere and post-it notes of important toiletries not to forget are scattered all over your desk. You are excited and stressed at the same time about your upcoming holiday getaways and putting lots of time and effort into creating a chic wardrobe for the trip. You are trying on outfits, deciding which wedges look best with the cute little dress you bought and which sarong appropriately covers your problem areas but still looks stylish. Sounds like you? Well, let’s face it girlfriends. We are all alike and we take great care and pride in looking amazing for these well needed trips. And yes half the fun is planning, prepping and buying for these vacays. And while we are so busy and careful to plan just right for our time away, many of us forget about planning the appropriate travel day ensemble. This outfit is just as important and perhaps more important than anything you pack in your suitcase. Just like first impressions in life are everything, we believe that starting your trip off feeling fabulously stylish and super comfy can really set the tone for a great time away. So whether you are traveling by plane, train or automobile this holiday season, take note and get inspired by some pics of celebs who have totally nailed it with their traveling outfit choices.






As we are busy prepping for our fun TV segment shoot tomorrow, we remember some fashion tips an expert gave us years ago. She had said to keep in mind that dressing for success on TV is very different from what you might wear for other professional settings. TV sets are filled with a lot of competing visuals and distractions, so you need to be careful when choosing your on camera wardrobe. First of all, we all know that the camera can add some pounds and that is the last thing any of us ladies want.  So keep that in mind and choose a slimming sheath dress that hugs close (but not too close) to the body. Or go with a nice top and sleek tailored pants, that can also create a smooth and slim silhouette. Next, you need to pick the appropriate color for the spotlight. We believe that color choice is crucial! It should brighten your skin tone as well as compliment the surrounding set. Solid bright colors like royal blue and poppy red are our two faves. Avoid bold prints and excessive jewelry as they can be distracting and look messy. And finally, make sure your hair, skin and nails are in top notch grooming condition. Dark roots will look even darker on camera and dull skin will look even duller. So now, as we prepare for our day tomorrow, we are keeping these simple tips in mind. And we are all set and action ready for our closeups!

Poppy red with sleek pants are alway chic and sleek!

Cobalt blue sheath dresses look great on every woman!


It’s countdown time! The holidays are near and then it’s bye bye school & see ya later 9-5 jobs…and hello VACATION! We are dreaming of the sunny getaways we have planned this holiday season but the most fun is the shopping, prepping and packing! Yes, it’s over two weeks away and we have started packing! (Don’t judge us) And guess what? There is a lot of great resort wear out there. Bikinis in beautiful greens and blues, fun beach bags & towels and glamorous flip flops! For fashionistas who love the warm weather, you won’t be disappointed when you check out the fabulous options you have for your beachy adventures. So get to packing and shopping and dreaming. We can hear the waves crashing already…

Shoshanna bikini in beautiful blue!

PilyQ poncho cover up

Valentino flip flop

Trina Turk beach towel.

Ferragamo beach bag


We hope you all had a fabulous, festive and fashionable Thanksgiving weekend!!  Check out some of your fave celebs in cute and cozy pics as they celebrate the holidays in style. (And brave the cold temps of the season!) We give these stars a DUO thumbs up!


Megan Trainor looking sassy and chic!

Seriously, does it get any hotter than these two? – George and Amal jetting off to somewhere fabulous for Thanksgiving weekend!

Loving the cozy wool hat on the talented Idina Mensel!

Cameron and Benji make cozy look so cool!

Lucy Hale in gorgeous winter white!