You have probably noticed that department stores, boutiques, and all the fashion magazines are starting to show the new fall clothing. But we here at The Style Duo, are holding on with a tight grip to our summer sundresses and wedge flip flops. We are not ready just yet to invest in the leather blazers, fur vests and sweaters that are out there for Fall 2012 no matter how fabulous they are. So instead we are going to focus on a wonderful trend that we (and other fashion lovers) have found ourselves drawn to this summer- and that is bold geometric prints.

Now we understand that this trend could seem really scary and the last thing we want to do is have our fashion friends run for the hills (and their plain neutral wardrobes) at the mention of this idea but maybe, just maybe, we can think outside the box a little and at least try this wonderfully exciting and yes slightly risky summertime trend.

For years, Emilio Pucci has impressed us with his widely recognizable geometric printed clothing and it seems like many other designers have followed suit this season. Dresses, tunics, halters, pants and bikinis are popping up in colorful prints from ocean blues to bubble gum pinks and gorgeous greens. And just like other summertime thrills like diving in to a swimming pool from the high diving board for the first time or riding the biggest roller coaster at Six Flags Great Adventure, trying bold geometric prints requires taking a deep breath and just going for it!!!

This Everly printed dress is a definite duo way to embrace geometric designs. Pair it with neutral shoes and bag and chunky jewelry. We are loving everything about this look.

True fashionistas aren’t afraid to try new things. And this Trina Turk one piece with a plunging neckline is a great way to try a bold geometric pattern.

This lovely, easy, breezy Pucci dress is so gorgeous that any fashion scaredy cats out there will have to admit that this could definitely make them want to embrace this bold print trend.

We like the bikini top and we like the printed pants but together it becomes too much of a good thing and our don’t of the week. Be careful not to overdo it!


With the summer temperatures rising and the popularity of The Sexy “50 Shades of Grey” books sweeping the nation; it is time for us girls to reevaluate our sleepwear. Out with the boring and in with the sexy!! But do we have to sacrifice comfort for beauty? The answer is no.

We all see pics in catalogues and in glossy magazines of young, skinny, gorgeous models wearing lacy, crocheted, sequinned get-ups. Or should we call them contraptions? They might look spectacular in magazines but in real life, it is just not worth the pain and discomfort. So this summer we suggest you find your inner sex goddess just like Anastasia in 50 Shades and wear a sexy “boyfriend shirt” to bed. You will feel cozy, desirable and incredibly sexy. And we bet your very own Christian Grey will love every single inch of you!

This one by Frederick's of Hollywood is super sexy and cut for a woman's shape. You cannot beat the 14.99 sale price. Buy one in every color!!

Victoria Secret says "Steal his style in the bedroom" with this sexy version for $49.50.

On trend with all the floral prints we are seeing this season is this floral sleepshirt. Super comfy and flirty. And on sale at Nordstroms for $38!

For the lady looking for "the finer things in life" choose this Nancy Meyer sleepshirt from her St Tropez Collection. The softness of premium fabrics and the beauty of exquisite detailing make it worth the $145 splurge.

These are all great options to be sexy and practical when it is time to hit the sheets.

Sweet dreams!


Now that the summer is in full swing, all of us fashion focused females need to figure out a way to dress and feel comfy during hot summer days and nights. We never EVER want to compromise looking fabulous but wearing silks and other fabrics can turn a ‘Duo” into a sweaty “Don’t” very quickly. So what’s a girl to do you ask? Well, the answer is simple. Embrace the wonderful, semi sheer fabric of crochet and you are ready to take on the temperature outside and still feel chic and cool like the ocean breezes.

Crochet is made from loops of yarn, created using a single hook. And though it might sound simple, it is a very delicate process and we are in awe of a “crochetist” (probably not a real word) and the patience it takes for them to produce such beautiful clothing.

We love, love, love how this sexy trend has found it’s way into every part of a girl’s wardrobe. From dresses, pants, vests, shirts, shorts, bikinis, coverups, and even handbags, crochet is everywhere! Being the “it” knit of the season, it is constantly popping up on runways, and in all the high fashion magazines. Because crochet lets you have a glimpse of skin while still being partially covered up, it is a trend being embraced by everyone, from the most modest to the most confident. Check out our DUOs and DONTS below and make sure to go get yourself some crochet!

These first 3 crochet tops are DUOS. They are effortless, yet flirty!

Vanessa is sporting a DON'T here. This is a way too trendy option and not particular practical unless you happen to be going to a hippie type music festival in 95 degree weather!

Crochet in color can be a DUO when done right like this Missoni stunner.

DON'T go color crochet crazy. This reminds us of quilts we used in the 70's. A heavy, sweaty, dizzying DON'T!

Kourtney's Tibi crochet dress and little Mason all dressed up and dapper are two definite DUOS!

The idea of a crochet romper is wonderful, except when it is big and baggy like this version. DON'T let your crochet wear you!

And finally, we have Leann wearing this Emilio Pucci crochet maxi at her post wedding brunch last year. What are your thought? Is this a DUO or DON'T? Write your comments and let us know what you think!!


Check out our fun segment on WPIX…


Unless you have been living under a rock, you have definitely noticed that the theme of “housewives” has swept the nation. On television shows, movies, books and magazines, housewives have taken center stage and they are enjoying the spotlight. However, they are not always portrayed in the most favorable fashion and as housewives ourselves, we feel it is important to represent our special ladies club in a sexy but appropriate way.

Last week , we met with Lisa Mateo from WPIX Channel 11, and helped host a fashion show of sexy and appropriate swimwear. Our beautiful models proved that our theory was true and that housewives from all over could be fabulous, sexy AND tasteful! Let’s take a look at our day at the beach….

Our first model is sexy Sharon. Sharon is wearing a bold, red bikini by Vix. This season it is all about color so don’t be afraid to embrace the color trend. This suit can be purchased at Bloomingdales or vixswimwear.com. Also crochet fabrics are really hot right now, so we paired this bikini with a gold crochet wrap. We believe balance is important so when wearing a sexy top like this one it is important to have some coverage on the bottom.

Our next housewife is pretty Pam. Pam is wearing a one shoulder silhouette by Jantzen and it can be purcahsed at Everything But Water. This style is on trend right now and absolutely stunning. Paired with sunkissed skin, it is beautiful and tasteful for a day at the beach with the kids.

Our next model is lovely Lauren. Lauren is wearing a kelly green one piece by Hermanny by Vix. This bathing suit has a low neckline with a peek-a-boo feature. It’s fun and flirty but still provides the appropriate coverage. This piece can be purchased at Macys.

Also, don’t forget to add fun accessories to your beach look. Turquoise and coral jewelry are always great ways to add a pop of color. And printed beach totes, giant sunglasses and even floppy hats are great ways to enhance your overall ensemble. But most importantly, always remember to wear a big confident smile and a good sunscreen!


So here we are in the beginning of July. And the weather is sweltering. But for those of you (and we’re guessing MOST of you) when you hear the words sweltering and hot these days, the weather is not what comes first into your mind. What comes to mind is…(ok, all together now girls) CHRISTIAN GREY! And the most riveting, can’t put it down ’til I’m done books…. The Fifty Shades of Grey trilogy by E.L. James.

There have been many fun discussions about the book and we’ve all heard and hopefully experienced first-hand how how these books can spice up your own love life. But how about your wardrobe? This week, here at THESTYLEDUO blog, we’d like to show you how you can spice up your own wardrobe as well as your partner’s with some key selections. We are not talking whips and chains here, (as interesting as that may be) but simply sexy, sophisticated and surprisingly practical pieces that can put the WOW in your wardrobe. Thanks to Anastasia and Christian for inspiring these fantastic fashions…..



"Behind the solid sandstone desk, a very attractive, groomed, blonde young woman smiles pleasantly at me. She's wearing the sharperst charcoal suit jacket and white shirt I have ever see. She looks immaculate"... "Excuse me one moment, Miss Steele.”

"She arches her eyebrow slightly as I stand self-consciously before her. I am beginning to wish I’d borrowed one of Kate’s formal blazers rather than wear my navy blue jacket. I have made an effort and worn my one and only skirt, my sensible brown knee-length boots and a blue sweater. For me, this is smart. I tuck one of the escaped tendrils of my hair behind my ear as I pretend she doesn’t intimidate me." - Anastasia got the guy but this was a major DON'T!!


SEXY and CHIC “Shaking my head and endeavoring to quell my nerves, I decide on the plum-colored sheath dress for this evening. It’s demure and vaguely business-like – after all, I am negotiating a contract. I slip on the plum-colored stilettos that match the dress, and I’m ready by six-thirty." This Two Birds Convertible jersey dress is sold at Nordstroms.

YSL Tributes in Magenta/Plum

TOO REVEALING skip this one and go get your groove on with the other plum dress.


"You look lovely, Anastasia. This halter-neck suits you, and I get to stroke your back, feel your beautiful skin." - Win him over in this Catherine Malandrino number.

"Me, I’m more of a Converse and t-shirt kind of girl, but I’m wearing my most flattering jeans." Now don't get us wrong, this look could be a perfect "DUO" for a cozy night in, or movie night...but if you are looking to knock his socks off go for something more feminine and sensual.


"He's dressed in his customary white linen shirt, black jeans, black tie, and black jacket. His hair is tousled as ever. I sigh. Of course he looks gorgeous." - This Banana Republic shirt is on sale for $48.99!

Ok, let’s face it. Christian Grey is always a DUO and never a DON’T.

And if that isn’t enough to get your fashion senses excited, according to the Los Angeles times “Products based on the “Fifty Shades” phenomenon will hit stores between August and December this year. The merchandise will include apparel, stationery items, hosiery, lingerie and accessories.” We’ll keep you all posted! Until then, enjoy the summer HEAT!!