With the busy traveling season about to hit, fashionistas everywhere are busy scoping out the new trends in resort wear and buying fun holiday ensembles for their winter get-a-ways. But besides figuring out what great clothes to pack, we have many clients asking us to help with stylish ensembles to keep them looking and feeling fresh after many hours of traveling. We look to our favorite celebrities who are used to lives on the go to get some fabulous Duo ideas and some definite Don’ts!

Dressing in comfy but flattering clothes for long travels is a duo! Add one special accessory and you are ready for take-off.

But TOO comfy clothes + unflattering trends = a messy DON'T!

Dressing in lady-like fashions can be very sexy in airports. Invest in good quality luggage and totes. So chic!

Do yourself and your fellow passengers a favor and save your daisy dukes for the beach! These shorts look sloppy and would not be comfortable on a long flight!!

Polished from head to toe. And layers are a DUO when traveling.

As Dr. Seuss would say...."Do not wear this on a plane. Do not wear this on a train. Do not wear this in a car. Do not wear this near or far. Do not wear this here or there. Do NOT wear this anywhere!"


1. Platform heels – Being that we are not tall girls, we are always wearing shoes with very high heels. We love the platform versions because they look great and are comfy too.
2. Leather jackets-We love to wear leather and let our wild child come out and play a little.
3. Boyfriend jeans- The more worn out and “holier” the better. This is another stylish but comfy way to still look hot!
4. Sequin dresses- It’s so nice to throw on something glitzy and dazzling for a special occasion and know that you will stand out and shine.
5. Cut out shoulder tops- We are major fans of this style because it looks sexy without being too revealing. You can even wear a regular bra so no messing around with annoying strapless bras! These are great for Saturday nights out on the town!
6. Faux fur vests- We find ourselves wearing these all the time because they are a steal but look like a splurge. A no guilt fab find!
7. Coated denim- These pants look like leather but are much less expensive and not as confining. Wear these and you will be thankful they are not real leather!
8. Oxblood red – The color of the season and one that we love is this dark burgundy red. Wear it on your accessories for a hint of color or even wear an awesome sheath dress in this hue and you will definitely be thankful for all the great compliments!
9. Wrap dresses- This style dress has long been a favorite of ours here at The Style Duo. Diane Von Furstenburg versions are always right on trend in bold patterns or solid bright colors. Pair this with high boots and you can go from work to an office party and look appropriately fashionable.
10. Double sided fashion tape- As stylists,we need to be able to fix a fashion mistake in a jiffy. This double sided sticky tape does the trick by hiding bra straps or keeping too low cut tops in place. Every fashionista should have this on hand!


We at The Style Duo are often asked, “What colors would look best on me?” We also often hear clients say “I wouldn’t be caught dead in that color!” Now most of you might remember the original color analysis system, “Color Me Beautiful” that was originated in the 1980′s. The system created a color scheme for people to use when shopping and dressing based on their skin tones and hair and eye color. But a little while after many color analysts began to realize that certain people were not being well represented with just 4 seasons and they created a 12-16 season program! And suddenly everything got very confusing!!

We here at The Style Duo want to simplify it all for you by saying there are no rules anymore! Below is a good guideline to START with but DONT be afraid to experiment. The point is there are NO absolute rules when it comes to color anymore as long as you feel confident and beautiful. As the saying goes, “Elegance is good taste, plus a dash of daring.” So read our “50 Shades of Color” below and then go ahead and break your own style rules…..

SPRING -Your coloring is bright and sunny. Choose bright shades like turquoise, teal and coral.

SUMMER -Summer is the serenity palette. You look fabulous in pastel shades. Try rosy hues, lavendar and pale yellow.

AUTUMN – Your natural coloring is earthy, golden and natural. You look fabulous in fiery colors like the autumn or the fall foliage.

WINTER – Your coloring is crisp and Winters have rich hair and eye color. Jewel tones, black, white and red look amazing. Try a bold red lip for instant wow!

BREAKING THE RULES: For example there is no reason a blonde and summery girl can’t wear jewel tones even though it is not on her “chart”. But it may be best to keep it simple like an accessory or colored skinny jean. However, even a jewel-toned dress can work on a beachy blonde with sleek simple hair and toned-down bronzer (like Gwyneth).

Or an autum girl can try a springy coral but choose a coral that is slightly darker; resembling light fall leaves and add a little spray tan! (like JLO)

****Come see us at The West Nyack Library on March 6th when we present “Our 50 Shades of Color” seminar.


There have been so many controversies and many political debates over who is the best choice for President this year. And while we normally keep our own political views to ourselves, we felt we could talk openly about the women behind the men, Michelle and Ann, and their fashion choices without causing any arguments from our readers. This is because both women have clearly already won the style race for the 2012 Election.

Both ladies are classy and polished in their wardrobe choices. However, they are not afraid to embrace the color trend of the moment and wow a crowd. For example, at the Republican National Convention Ann Romney looked absolutely stunning in a red Oscar De La Renta dress with a jeweled belt.
And at the Democratic National Convention Michele had everyone talking about her gorgeous pink/grey toile custom Tracy Reese frock.

Ann and Michelle have both donned bright yellow sheaths, bold blue dresses and matching pink ensembles.

Each of them knows how to pull off a polished conservative ensemble as well as a relaxed casual look and still look appropriate and fabulous. They each have an unbelievable sense of style and know how to rock their best assets. Of course, Michelle, famous for her toned biceps, is not afraid to wear sleeveless sheath dresses.

Ann, famous for her sunny blonde looks, knows how that can complement and brighten her fashion choices.

Best of all, both ladies, no matter what they are wearing, know that a confident smile is the best accessory of all.

On a separate note: We hope all our friends and followers are safe and getting back to normalcy after this horrible hurricane. We wanted to remind everyone that NOTHING is more STYLISH than giving back to your community. Call your nearest American Red Cross or check your local papers and websites for drop off locations for food, clothing and other important items. Many people are in need right now and a little help goes a long way!